Need help

Need help

To make the life of the patients easier we need three medical multifunctional beds!

The administered persons of the hospice are lying patients, however, they are in the right mind and inspire sympathy. They read books and it is interesting to spend time with them, they share rich life experience and are always ready to support with a word of encouragement.

Five patients cannot eat by themselves, because they are paralyzed. Many patients have got bed-sores. One shall turn over a lying patient every three hours to rule out formation of new bed-sores and pulmonary congestion. Even in such tight situation the patients are doing their best to look after themselves, they want to be neat and to look nice.

We really want to make the lives of the patients better and to assist the sisters of charity. At the present moment there are a lot of technical devices serving this purpose and the medical multifunctional bed Armed RS 201  is one of them. The bed is able to improve the patient status and in some cases its use helps on the patient  to be upon the mending hand. The price of one bed of such type is RUR 90 999.

If the administered cannot move, however, is able to push the buttons, then such patient is able to use the  operating panel and to change the position of the bed, for example if the patient wants to read or stay in the sitting position.

There are four patients in the hospice who need such beds most of all.

If you are able to donate money or such bed we and our patients would greatly appreciate any help.